Programs and Services


Child and Family Healing, Recovery and Re-Integration (CFHRR)

  • Outreach Activities
  • 4-Month Therapeutic Session for Children
  • 4-Month Diversion Session for Children
  • Primary Caregiver’s Enhancement Training or Family Development Sessions
  • Intensive Family Follow-Up
  • Modified Conditional Cash Transfer
  • Healthcare Management
  • Learning Sessions for Children and Young People


 Sustaining Education Pursuits for Children in Need of Special Protection (CNSP)

  • Education Support Augmentation for In-School Children
  • 8-month Review and Tutorial Classes for Out-Of-School Children


Enhancing Self and Wage Employment Opportunities (ESWEO)

  • Skills Acquisition Trainings
  • Job Hunting Enhancement Training
  • Access to Company Employment
  • Family Based Skills Enhancement Training


Training and Entrepreneurial Development Program (TEDP)

  • Access to Loans
  • Creation of Social Enterprises
  • Capital Build-Up
  • Self and Business Development Workshop


Social Mobilization and Advocacy

  • Public Schools/ALS Forum on Forms of Child Exploitation
  • Community Awareness on Local Ordinances with Relevance to Child Exploitation
  • Workshop on Laws of Child Exploitation  and Creation of Agency Child Protection Policies
  • Formation and Training of Volunteer Group


Disaster Response

  • Child Friendly Space
  • Learning Session on Safeguarding Children in Emergency Situation
  • Learning Session on Child-Centered Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Shelter Repair and Construction
  • Relocation Assistance