The Body Shop Foundation is The Body Shop International Plc’s charitable trust which supports innovative projects across the world working for social & environmental change.

We are funded by an annual donation from the company and through various fundraising initiatives.

Approximately 65% of the grants that we fund come from nominations from the staff, consultants or franchisees attached to the company – from all over the world.

The remaining projects we fund are researched by our own trustees and grants department.

To date, we’ve funded over 2,500 global projects to the tune of £20 million.

We’ve supported a wide variety of projects since we began in 1989, but have always stayed true to our main three areas, namely:

  • Animal Protection
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Protection

Although we’d simply love to be able to help absolutely everybody, we follow a simple set of procedures to enable us to stay focused to our strategic vision and keep to our funding remit.

Our aim is to:

  • support organisations at the forefront of social & environmental change
  • support groups with little hope of conventional funding
  • support projects working to increase public awareness

The Body Shop Foundation will only fund organisations which provide support or services to people of all faiths and none.

As the majority of our applications come from projects nominated by staff, we do not ask for public applications or nominations.  Nor do we:

  • sponsor individuals
  • fund sporting activities or the arts
  • sponsor or support fundraising events, receptions or conferences