Programs and Services

Behavior Change Communication (BCC)

A strategy conducted either through one on one or group that aims to understand deeper the issues of the target population. It is interactive in process where the target group provides information about his/her environment/activities. This is being done in the form of outreach activities where one on one risk assessment and info sharing on basic messages are provided. Guided group interaction (GGI) is another activity under this strategy wherein set of questions are answered by a small group of participants based on their knowledge and experiences. This area is the first phase of the Foundation’s work and becomes the basis for decision making if a particular clientele will be enrolled in the next service (CFHRR)

Child & Family Healing, Recovery & Reintegration (CFHRR)

A framework of intervention developed by bidlsiw and enhanced through the years of implementation. This is an innovative approach that caters both to the child in need of special protection (CNSP) and his/her family. The work with the CNSP involves diagnostic assessment, psycho-education sessions for 5 months using SLE geared towards strengthening the child’s personal resources to recover and prevent abuse and exploitation. The second phase of this program runs for a minimum of one year where the CNSP will start to implement his/her life and career plans. 

The parents as well will undergo a minimum of one year “family development work”. Ten (10 )day psycho-education sessions on various topics are given to help parents fulfill their children’s rights. Application from these sessions are being monitored through home visitation conducted by the caseworkers of the foundation.   Children who do not have biological parents are still enrolled under this framework of intervention using the alternative care system.

Sustaining Educational Pursuits of CNSP

This is a support service availed by children enrolled in the CFHRR. This is not meant to be a scholarship program but rather an augmentation support for educational needs of children to encourage back to formal, non-formal school and prevent drop out. The support are mostly non-tuition based except for those pursuing college education but more on support for transportation, school supplies, school project needs, uniform and emergency assistance when the family is confronted with calamities that may threaten the child’s attendance to school.  Referral for alternative care system is also part of this program.

Enhancing Self/Wage Employment Opportunities (ESWEO)

The program that provides various services to under privilege families in the form of Vocational Training Job-Hunting Enhancement Training, Job Readiness, Access To Company Employment, Generating & Starting Business Ideas and referral/Support for Business Start Up.  These are all geared towards productivity of adult members as well as former CNSP who reached the employability age. Such services will prepare the individuals within the family unit to gain new skills that can be used either for wage and self-employment and eventually lead to sustainable livelihood of the organization’s priority families.  This service is also open to other community members residing in the target communities of Bidlisiw.

Partnership with private sector is an important element of this program. They are influenced and motivated to exercise corporate social responsibility by providing opportunities for employment or share some of their resources to support the cause of the Foundation.

Social Mobilization & Advocacy

This is Bidlisiw’s work that caters to community and local government units that aims to establish Community Based Child Protection Structures and Mechanism through formation and capacity development of 3 significant players in the community: the community watch groups composed of adult community members; b) school based peer support groups c) strengthening of barangay based institutions such as Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC), Barangay Anti -Drug Abuse Coucil (BADAC)