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Bidlisiw Foundation, Inc. was established in March 1989 as a social development non-government agency that operates in Region 6 and Region 7. It was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 15, 1989.

Started by 8 women together with InterAide, a French NGO, they gave the name “Bidlisiw” an old Visayan term for rays of the rising sun which symbolizes hope. Only in 1994 up to present when Bidlisiw became a Filipino-managed NGO.

Bidlisiw’s development work focuses on helping the poor families, particularly the informal settlers and families with children in need of special protection. This is in coordination with Local Government Units, concerned government agencies, other non-government organizations and target groups/communities for wider impact and support. With trained and committed staff and workers it has implemented and successfully completed various programs/projects on healing, recovery and reintegration as well as health, education, technical-vocational training and livelihood. Bidlisiw maintains activity and learning centers in the target communities where area-based activities are held for cost-efficiency and accessibility to target participants/groups.

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Embracing Change

There is no other way but to evolve with the demands of time. As we continue to thrive in these challenging times, we continue to find ways for our services to the families to continue despite the threat of COVID-19. Bidlisiw innovated distant learning materials in order to deliver continuous education and information-sharing with the families. Workbooks were also distributed to families where they can write their answers to workshops and send a copy to their respective Family Development Staff.

Parents’ trainings are delivered online. Families have adjusted and learned to cope with the use of various platforms in pursuit of learning to help them in their strife to becoming more responsive parents to their children.

Shown here is one of the topics under the Primary Caregivers’ Enhancement Training, on Parenting and Managing Children’s Behavior.


Helping Hands

Previous Next Bidlisiw extends our gratitude to our private sector partners, FundLife International, The Soap Opera, and Radisson Blu – Cebu, who have generously responded

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At this time when enhanced community quarantine is imposed, our family beneficiaries suffer. The daily wage earners’ livelihood is directly hit by closure…

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The Foundation was founded by Philippe Guichandut, a representative of InterAide, a French agency. It was started by 8 women together with InterAide, a French NGO; they gave the name “Bidlisiw” an old visayan term for rays of the rising sun which symbolizes hope. Only in 1994 up to present when Bidlisiw became a Filipino-managed NGO.