Together for a Better and Safer Internet

Bidlisiw Foundation joins the celebration of the 20th Safer Internet Day,  a global event dedicated to creating a safer online world for everyone.

In promoting and protecting our children’s rights, welfare, and best interests by providing them with a safe internet space, We’re raising awareness about online safety, particularly with young people who may not be fully equipped with how to stay safe when using the internet. 

This year’s campaign reminds everyone across the digital world that a better and safer internet starts within ourselves. We encourage everyone to use technology in a responsible, respectful, critical, and creative way. 

One of the components of the online campaign is encouraging people to join the advocacy on online safety awareness by updating their profile pictures with the frame for Safer Internet Day 2023. They may also opt to use the premade caption for the campaign or use their voice by sharing their experience of the digital environment and their aspirations for a better internet. 

You may join the campaign through this link:

Another part of the online campaign is the publishing of advocacy wallpapers for desktop and mobile for awareness of online sexual abuse. This is in line with protecting children’s rights and online safety, especially for children in need of special protection.

You may view and save all the wallpapers through this link:

Let’s be the change we want to see in the digital world by being kind, and protective and practicing positive engagements online. A better and safer internet starts with you and me.


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